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Mathematics Department :::

A brief description

The Mathematics Department started its activities in 1967, due to the creation of course of Mechanic Engineering.

The Mathematics Department counts on 20 professors - 18 doctors (four of them with post-doctorate) and two masters. Regarding the staff, the department has two administrative assistants, two laboratory technicians and two trainees - who work with the Department and the Council of Graduate Course in Mathematics, besides give technical support to faculty and staff.

Undergraduate activities

It serves every year about 2200 students enrolled in courses offered by it, linked to 14 undergraduate courses of three university units: Degree in Mathematics, Bachelor of Physics, Graduate in Biological Sciences (02 classes), Degree in Chemistry, BS in Computer Science and Bachelor of Information Systems, the FC; Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Production Engineering of the FE; Design - Visual Programming (02 classes) and Design - Product Design, the FAAC. There is a teaching laboratory under the responsibility of the Mathematics Department, located in room 64 of the campus, which has its equipment and materials used by students of the Course of Degree in Mathematics.

Research activities

There is in the Department three major research areas: Applied Mathematics, Mathematics Education and Pure Mathematics, in sub-lines well defined. It also indicated a marked diversity of themes focused on the objects in the polls in the development department. Three teachers develop research in the area of Pure Mathematics, 10 professors in applied mathematics and 07 teachers in the area of mathematics education. Researchers have often developed their research projects with the collaboration of significant undergraduate students in projects of scientific initiative, and undergraduate projects, specialization monographs, master's and doctorate.

The scientific production of teachers of the Mathematics Department has been growing. There are currently developing some research projects approved by funding agencies, research, and faculty publications has published in professional journals, books, chapters in books, other texts and presentations/participation in conferences. Between 2000 and 2004, the average annual publication of the department was around: 11 papers published in proceedings of national and international conferences, 12 papers published in refereed journals and 03 book chapters.

The Department has seven research groups in operation, all registered with the CNPq, of which three are certified by UNESP. Teachers have contributed to activities of scientific advice to institutions and FAPESP, CNPq, FUNDUNESP, several sectors of the Ministry of Education, and Scientific Committees participating in the Congress and peer-reviewed.

Graduate activities

There are now seven teachers of the Mathematics Department accredited courses and directing projects at the postgraduate (masters and doctorates): two in the Graduate Education in Science (UNESP/Bauru); one in the Graduate in Mathematics Education (UNESP/Rio Claro), a course in the Graduate Interdisciplinary Philosophy (UNESP/Marília), in the course of a graduate degree in Electrical Engineering, in School of Engineering of São Carlos (EESC/USP) and two in the Graduate Program in Science and Technology of Materials, UNESP.

In 2002, the Department created the Specialization Course in "Mathematics with Emphasis on the Application of computer resources," whose first class graduated in January 2004. Currently, this course is outstanding.

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