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School of Sciences
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Welcome to FC! The FC official english website starts to work!

[24/03/2009] Founded in 1969, the School of Sciences (FC), Bauru Campus, is one of the units of the Universidade Estadual Paulista "Júlio de Mesquita Filho" which presents multiple choices of courses to students in the region, state and country. The School of Sciences (FC) has 12 (twelve) Bachelor and Degree courses, covering the three areas of Knowledge (Social Sciences, Biological and Exact). The Psychology course (full-time and night term) has been offered since the founding of the School. The Undergraduate Mathematics (night term), Physics (night term) and Biological Sciences (diurnal and night term) each day have firmed how important courses of FC since 1975. The Department of Computing has two highly sought courses: Computer Science (full-time term), established in 1984, and Information Systems (night term), established in 1997. The full-time Course of Physical Education has existed since 1986 and is night course has existed from 1998. In the University Council meeting held on May 17, 2001 were approved two more graduate programs for Unity University: Full Degree in Chemistry (night term) and Full Degree in Pedagogy (night term) for the Training of Teacher Education Child and initial series the elementary school. Both courses have offered 30 places since 2002.

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