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School of Sciences

Student Aids :::

Rent Assistance

The Rent Assistance is intended for students who have no family home in the city's university campus, and be the son of owner or owner of residential property in the condition mentioned above. But when the students show great and essential need, the judges of the Selection of the Unit, the aid may be granted to students who live in the same city of Campus;

Food Aid

The food aid is subsidized by the Campus Administrative Group - GAC as wording in the contract established with the NUTRICON (company which currently makes use of the dining facilities of the Campus of Bauru);

The student included with the food aid shall be entitled to a daily meal (lunch), type "big tray" Monday to Saturday, at a cost of R$ 2.70 (two reais and seventy cents), with the possibility of adjustment. The student must make use of aid at least 70% (seventy percent) meals per month. The real cost of "big tray", currently, is R$ 5.40 (five reais and forty cents), so the students have included a discount of $ 2.70 (two reais and seventy cents) per meal, subsidized by the GAC.

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