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Traineeship :::

Aid Training

It is the student who develops training, unpaid, for the curriculum required for graduation.

To aid the student claim the stage, should bring up the following situations:
- Need to meet the activities of the traineeship binding elsewhere, outside their family home and the University Office of origin, causing him to shift costs and/or change of residence;
- The stage that requires a monthly minimum hours of 60 hours and not paid;
- Evidence not be able to bear the cost of displacement for the purposes of the placement, using the same for both request form for Exchange Student Aid;
- The student's regular practice of education, may apply for aid from Stage-performing placements in schools outside the county seat of University Drive, preferably the educational experience considered by the State Council of Education.

The socio-economic selection of candidates will be conducted by the University Unit. The duration of the Stage Aid will vary according to need in the Regulation of each course.

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