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Psychology Department :::

A brief description

The Psychology Departament has the most number of professors of School of Sciences - 29 all in all. Of this, three have habilitation (associate professors), 24 are doctors and three are masters. Everybody are in full dedication to teaching and research (RDIDP).

Besides, the department's office has two administrative assistants and one operational assistant (general services). There is also an academic support assistant to support teachers in their teaching activities.


Course of Psychology (Training of Psychologist)
The objective of course of Psychology is to train psychologists to perform as professionals in embraced areas by psychologic science through appropriation, building and socialization of theorical and practical knowledges which guarantee a social sight of the world implicated with citizenship and the social change.


In present, the professors of Psychology Department work in four research lines:

Development: Assessment and Intervention
The human development, product of multideterminations, encloses a variety of researches which can aprproach since the conception to old age, considering the physical, social, cognitive and psychologic development, influenced by heredity, environment and culture.
Organizational and Work Psychology
This group studies the human behaviour in work relationships. It develops studies in some sub-areas related to performance of the organization psychologist and the carreer guide, such as: Psychologic Assessment in Selection Processes; Training; Professional Development and Organizational Learning; Organizational Diagnosis; Organizational Research; Physical and Mental Health of Worker; Education and Life Quality at/to Work.

Psychodiagnosis, Treatment and Psychologic Prevention
This group is organized around research, teaching and extension, and has how  constitutive basis the psychodynamic theories which guide the psychodiagnostic, therapeutic and preventive practices, regarding to the diversity of study objects contained there, since they preserve the psychodynamic guidance.

Society, Education and Subjetivity
This research line is caracterized by theorical and methodological references based in Historical and dialectical materialism. The researched subjects embrace since theorical and critical questions, dialectic epistemology, critical to traditional theories and techniques, psychic suffering, conflict and contradiction in education, social representations, teacher training and school education, half-training processes and cultural industry.

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